Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Daily Painting Dog Portrait, "Chipper"

Oil on Canvas Panel
Commissioned by Owner

Finished! And now he will be drying before the final coat of varnish..and then the frame and then, and then, Christmas present for a happy wife!!! I'll post him over on Painted Plums, too.

There has been a long heavy discourse about the act of Daily Painting and Painting A Day over at the Google Groups....enough to make someone crazy actually. I consider myself among the Daily Painters. To me the term means discipline and refers to those, including myself, who are striving to achieve the highest quality paintings of mostly contemporary realism mixed with some expressionism and impressionism, and mostly of still life with some landscape thrown in for good measure. This discourse has had me wondering if I can count myself into this 'discipline' or 'movement.' The other day I thought I was just going to go away and slit my throat. (artists sometimes do feel that dramatic about their work.) Fortunately, I have decided I am very much a part of this discipline and will continue forward, striving to complete each painting in the spirit of Daily Painting, whether I finish one painting a day or not. I, frankly, don't wish to be drawn into a tug of war over what is and what isn't worthy for a particular movement. My discipline is internal and I love sharing my work with those who watch my blog and collect my paintings.

So enough about that....and onto the next painting. I am really happy about Chipper and hope his owners will enjoy owning this painting!!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love these wonderful dog paintings. I too, started my blog as a means of disciplining myself and try not to fret about getting a painting a day. I like to think I'm working toward that. Doing it matters more than anything. I've even posted some that aren't that great just to be fearless ;)