Sunday, March 25, 2007


Oil on Linen Panel
Artist's Collection

Bosley is our latest companion and is now around 15 months old. He was 9 months old when I did this painting early last fall. I had a tough time with this painting because I was nursing him back to health after elbow dysplasia surgery and I was interrupted twenty million times. He has had a hair cut since then and is really cuter than this, but I was happy to capture the earnest expression on his face. Bosley is just like the dog you imagine in your mind when you think of the song, "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?" ("the one with the waggily tail!") Seriously, he smiles and plays and wags his tail more than any other dog I have ever known. We are deliriously happy to have him. I lucked out when finding him on the website called, which, by the way, is the greatest thing if you are looking to give a home to a rescued dog or cat. Right now he is crashed beside me and waiting for me to tell him it's time to head upstairs to bed.....where we will dream of chasing the ball and wagging our tails all night long! Goodnight.

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